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Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), leading manufacturer of integrated security and home automation products since 1985, announced that their Smart Grid Solutions’ ZigBee® Smart Energy product line will now be distributed internationally by several key HAI distributors.
HAI’s new international Smart Grid Solutions distribution is represented by Alloys, located in Australia (alloys.com.au), OMEIO International, located in Singapore (omeio.com), and KTI Limited, located in Canada (ktiltd.on.ca).
HAI ZigBee Smart Energy certified products include: 30A Wireless Load Control Module (HAI part number 73A00-3SH), 5A Wireless Load Control Module (73A00-4SH), In-Home Display (81A00-1WHSH), 15A Plug-In Load Control Module (89A00-1SH), Omnistat2 Single Stage Conventional & Heat Pump, White (RC-1000WHSH), and the Omnistat2 Multistage Universal with Humidity Control, White (RC-2000WHSH).

HAI HAN products allow utility customers to implement time of use rating structures, manage demand response by shedding load during peak demand events, and send common custom informational messages to the customer.   HAI’s Omnistat2 Programmable Communicating Thermostat (PCT) is a flexible product designed for use by utility companies for Home Area Network (HAN) use in Smart Grid programs.  It utilizes an easy to understand Multicolor Display that can change colors in response to utility related events.  The PCT communicates with smart meters and can be used to display and control HAI’s other HAN products such as Load Control Modules (LCM) and can be controlled by the In Home Display (IHD).
HAI’s Smart Grid Gold Certified product line is available now.
“HAI has successfully sold domestically direct from the factory” explained Thomas Pickral, Jr, HAI Director of Smart Grid Solutions.  “To increase our scope internationally with the high quality Smart Grid products, we have chosen three key distributors – two of which are already HAI Premier Distributors for our home automation product line.”
HAI products are available through a worldwide network of Distributors and installing Dealers in over 80 countries.  For more information on HAI, please visit www.homeauto.com or email [email protected]
About HAI (www.homeauto.com):  HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) is a privately held manufacturer of integrated automation and security products for residential and commercial use based in New Orleans, LA.  Incorporated in 1985, HAI has developed a full line of award-winning automation products, including home control systems, programmable communicating thermostats, smart light switches, Whole Home Audio systems, video surveillance equipment, access control products, Touchscreen interfaces, and software that allows access and control of an automation system over the Internet.  All products are sold through HAI’s worldwide network of Distribution Partners and installed by trained dealers in over 80 countries.