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Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are becoming more and more popular in homes and offices around the country, and even the world. Wikipedia states that “Wi-Fi is used by over 700 million people, there are over 750,000 hotspots (places with Wi-Fi Internet connectivity) around the world, and about 800 million new Wi-Fi devices every year.”

Most homes these days have at least one Wireless Access Point (WAP), but is it configured properly? Does it provide a powerful enough signal to cover the entire house? Or do you constantly experience drop-outs, cancelled downloads, slow-loading pages, or worse?

If your WiFi signal is not what it should be, let us give it a tune-up. If you have an adequate network, but just need some help configuring it, we can help. However, you may be one of the many households that could use a beefed-up Wireless Access Point from EnGenius Technologies.

EnGenius has a unique, new product that is ceiling-mounted and resembles a smoke detector. This super-powerful Access Point not only blends in to your environment, but also provides 600mW of power to make sure all of your wireless devices have the signal strength and bandwidth they need to keep you surfing.

The EnGenius EAP3660 also includes Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) technology to provide data and power over 1 Cat5e cable. Not only does this mean quick and easy installation, but also no “Wall warts” or transformers hanging off the wall in your hallway or office.

If you need to soup-up your wireless signal, but do not necessarily need the ceiling-mounted solution, EnGenius also has a standard desktop-style access point with the same high-power techonogy.

If you need to expand your WiFi to the backyard, or cover any large outdoor area, look to the EnGenius EOA3630 Outdoor Access Point.

No matter what your WiFi needs, look to Atlanta Digital to help.