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ADH Subscriptions

$14.95 Monitoring

Atlanta Digital Homes provides 24/7, UL-Listed Alarm Monitoring services, with absolutely no contracts.
We offer two options for payment of services: 1) Monthly, via PayPal subscription or 2) Yearly, via check or Credit Card.
For monthly subscribers, please use the Subscribe button below and enter your PayPal account information or select the link at the bottom if you do not have a PayPal account.
NOTE: Please make sure you have a reliable backup (Bank account or Credit Card) if you use a PayPal account to subscribe. While we will not automatically cut-off your monitoring if a payment is missed, we do reserve the right to discontinue service on unpaid accounts.

Monthly pay clients can simply click the Subscribe button:

Note: Use the Credit Card link towards the bottom of the next page to pay without a PayPal account.

For our clients who would like to pay yearly, we have several options:

Annual Subscription via PayPal –

Note: Use the Credit Card link towards the bottom of the next page to pay without a PayPal account.

To make a one-time payment via Credit Card, please fill-out the Credit Card Authorization Form.

To make a one-time payment via Check, please mail a check in the amount of $179.40 to:
Atlanta Digital Homes
950 Herrington Rd, Suite C-147
Lawrenceville, GA 30044

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.
Thank you for your business.

ADH Remote

ADH Remote is our special software for remotely connecting you to your home technology systems.

Using ADH Remote, you can view your cameras from an iPhone, access your security system from your mobile phone or control your lights and thermostats when you are away. In addition to allowing you to access your systems remotely, ADH Remote allows us to service your systems from our offices. By using ADH Remote we can update software, check connected systems and change programming without rolling a truck. This means less cost for us, and therefore less cost for you, the homeowner. It also means we can service your needs quicker and more efficiently.

Many of our clients already enjoy the benefits of using ADH Remote, give us a call or send an e-mail to see how we can help you securely access your home as well.