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Monitor the Efficiency of Your Building; Measure Voltage, Amperage, and Power Usage to Make Informed Energy Saving Decisions

Crestron announced today that its new Green Light Power Meter Control Unit, the latest addition to its integrated building and energy management solutions, is now available. The Power Meter Control Unit (Power Meter) logs overall electricity usage in real time, enabling facilities managers and building owners to accurately measure and monitor all electricity utilized in the building. Real-time and historical energy consumption data is collected by Power Meter and displayed in easy-to-read color graphics using Fusion EM™ Energy Management Software where managers can view and create reports detailing the building’s energy efficiency. Armed with this substantial data, rather than estimates, managers can make intelligent and informed energy savings decisions across the building and campus.

“We’re giving facility managers the ability to make informed decisions based on real electricity usage data,” said Mike Malone, Crestron VP of Commercial Lighting Controls. “The only way to save any meaningful amount of energy is by knowing exactly how much electricity you’re using and where the building is using it the most. If you’re not aware, you’ll never be in control. The Power Meter gathers this significant information easily and accurately.”

The only way to obtain accurate power data is by measuring both voltage and amperage. Mounted next to a standard breaker panel, Power Meter measures both amperage and voltage down to the branch circuit level to calculate exact power usage in kilowatt hours. Actual power usage data is then transferred to a Crestron control system over Ethernet where it can be displayed on a Crestron touch screen, laptop, or Apple® and Android™ mobile devices for easy viewing.

“We’re taking that popular buzzword ‘energy management’ that everyone else likes to talk about, and doing big, measurable things with it for our customers,” said Malone. “Our lighting control solutions, combined with Fusion EM™ Energy Management Software, helps you manage energy usage across the entire building from a centralized dashboard. No other company even comes close to what we’re delivering.”

The Crestron Power Meter measures voltage, current, real power, reactive power, power factor, and actual usage in kilowatt hours. Precise readings are displayed graphically in a variety of colorful charts, meters, and customized reports in Fusion EM™ Energy Management software. Accurate energy consumption data can now be easily analyzed, scrutinized and acted upon to provide substantive and measurable energy savings throughout the building.

Installation is simple with minimal wiring required. As part of the complete Crestron energy management and metering solution, Power Meter works in unison with Crestron Current Transformer Interface (CTI) and Current Transformers (CT). Split core CT models are available for 600, 400, and 200 Amp feeds. Solid-core models are available for 50 and 20 Amp circuits. Expansion is available for six, 15 and 21 branch breakers allowing up to 84 additional branch circuit CTs for complete monitoring right down to the branch circuit level.

For more information about how Crestron energy management solutions can help you measure, track and reduce electricity usage in your building, visit Crestron Green Light® Power Meter Control Unit and watch the Power Meter video.

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