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Audio/Video Systems

Imagine having great-sounding audio in every room of the house. Listen to XM radio in the kitchen, dining room and living room all at the same time. Or, listen to several different sources in different rooms at the same time. We can even take your iPod or MP3 collection and pipe it throughout your home.

With automation your audio can also be tied to other events in the home. For instance, say you want to turn on the kitchen audio when you disarm your security system. Using an integrated system, we can easily tie systems together to control each other.

View some of the demos below to see how whole-house audio can work for you.

Russound TS-2 Touchscreen Demo

Russound UNO-S1 Keypad Demo

Russound UNO-S2 Keypad Demo

Russound iBridge Dock 360° View

Russound SMS3 Media Server Demo and Features

Russound CAA66 Controller Amplifier System Demo

Russound CAS44 Controller Amplifier System Demo