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Ovation Home Media System

Here you will find some of the greatest products ever built for creating a Digital Home Library of all your favorite movies.


MaCE by Ovation Movie Player
If you are looking for a simple HTPC-style system that you can connect to a local TV via HDMI and store a small collection of DVDs and BluRays on, then the MaCE might be for you:

– Up to 3Tb of internal hard drive space
– Built-in IR control, via included remote control or one of our Universal Remote Controls
– Built-in DVD/BluRay drive for backing up your discs
– All the same software and magic that comes with all of our players
– Use with the OPENS storage system to backup your collection to your own, personal cloud

OPENS Storage System
ave a larger collection, or looking to distribute your collection to multiple TVs? Then the OPENS server is for you:

– Up to 20Tb of internal hard drive space, up to 5 OPENS servers per site
– Add MaCE or MaCE Mini players to your system and access your collection from any room of the house
– Built-in Gigabit Ethernet for high-quality playback and control
– RAID drive arrays for redundancy and security

NOTE: The OPENS does NOT have an internal DVD/BluRay drive. In order to backup your collection, you will need at least 1 MaCE system on-site.

MaCE Mini Remote Movie Player
The MaCE Mini is used with the OPENS server to deliver High-Definition movies to your remote TVs. The OPENS is required with the MaCE Mini player. Multiple Minis can be added to accommodate multiple TVs.