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IP Camera System |Atlanta CCTV | Home Camera System

With a wide selection of Video Surveillance technology, including IP cameras system and HD-TVI video solutions, ADH has a system to fit your needs. All of our systems are remotely accessible through both PC and Mac computers, as well as iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Home camera system, Atlanta cctv & Home camera systemIP camera system and Network Cameras with Network Video Recorder (NVR)

IP Cameras provide the highest resolution and require only a network cable (Cat5e or Cat6) to connect. The cost of equipment can be higher, but the savings in cabling and labor can easily make up the difference. Add to that the fact that IP cameras provide resolutions beyond anything imaginable with standard analog, or even HD cameras, and the CPP (Cost Per Pixel) is reduced considerably.

Home camera system & Atlanta cctvOne of the major advantages of using an IP-based camera system is connectivity to an existing infrastructure, as opposed to requiring dedicated wires being run to a central location, as is the case with analog cameras.
Today many buildings and homes are already wired for data networking, which is all that is required for IP cameras. In addition, by using basic networking hardware, like switches and PoE devices, IP cameras can be split off of existing wires and cables, powered remotely, and easily moved to a more strategic location, if need-be.

IP camera system & Home camera system, Atlanta cctvAnother major advantage of IP-based camera systems is the amount of control and features available. While analog cameras allow for PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) control, it requires more wiring. Want to add audio to that analog camera? That’s right, more wire. IP cameras, hardware provided, can allow for PTZ control, audio feedback, and much more using just the IP network and the connected Cat5e or Cat6 cable. No additional cabling is required.

The last major advantage of network cameras is the accessibility, even remotely from one building to another, of the camera feed. Since the camera is on the network, any device on the same network, or a remote network if desired, can access the camera and its features. Of course, if you want to lock it down, that’s also possible.
Imagine having only one 16 channel NVR (Network Video Recorder) for 3 different buildings. It’s possible with an IP-based camera system, not so easy with analog cameras. Again, another cost-saving advantage as well.

Atlanta cctv & Home camera system, IP camera systemHD-TVI Camera Systems

On the other hand, analog home camera system have been around for a long time. So what do you do if you want to upgrade that home camera system without rewiring the entire building?
How about an HD 1080p camera upgrade? HD-TVI is a high-definition 1080p video over coax solution. Using the existing coax, or newly installed coax cabling, ADH can provide up to 1080p resolution (1.3Mp) to an HD DVR for your home or business.
HD-TVI cameras run slightly more than standard analog cameras, but are generally less than IP-based cameras. However, keep in mind that HD-TVI is not a standard video feed. It must be connected to an HD-TVI compatible DVR to work.
HD-TVI recorders also come in Hybrid versions. A Hybrid HD-TVI system will allow you to connect both newer HD-TVI, hi-definition cameras as well as older, analog and 960H cameras, so you can upgrade your cameras as your budget allows.

IP camera system & Atlanta cctvHybrid IP Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Hybrid Video Recorders combine the best of both analog and IP worlds into one device. A Hybrid DVR will have analog inputs for connecting existing cameras (making it ideal for upgrading an old system) and will also work with newer IP camera system. Not only is this an easy way to upgrade older, analog cameras, but it can be a money saver as well. Instead of installing all new IP cameras in a system, you can use low-cost analog cameras in some areas and high-resolution IP cameras in other areas. When you’re ready to upgrade to IP, you simply pay for the new camera upgrade. You can upgrade one or all analog cameras when you’re ready.

Home camera system, Atlanta cctv, IP camera systemRemote Viewing and Playback

Generally, all of our DVRs and NVRs are setup for remote access from PC, Mac and an iPhone/iPad or Android device. Many even have Blackberry and Windows Phone apps as well.

Atlanta cctv,IP camera system, & Home camera systemSo if you want to check on the house from the road, or look in on the business while you’re away, we have a solution for you. It will require an internet connection at the location of the DVR/NVR, but that’s generally not a problem. If it is, we can find a solution for you (Wireless, WiMax and even Cellular are all options.)