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Structured Wiring

structure_cables.jpgThe backbone of any good automation system is a good infrastructure. That’s where Structured Wiring comes in. A structured solution is more than just running Cat5 everywhere, it’s a carefully planned, expertly executed solution for your home.

So why not have my electrician wire my house?
Not that there is anything wrong with being an electrician, but let’s face it, you don’t want to hire a high-voltage contractor to do your low-voltage work. Just like you don’t want to hire a security contractor to do your audio/video work.

Electricians do a great job – with electrical work. Security contractors do a great job – with security wiring. Integrators do a great job – integrating.

ADH is an integration company. We know all aspects of low-voltage, and many aspects of high-voltage – both of which are required to properly integrate your security, CCTV, HVAC, lighting controls, audio and video systems, and anything else you need to control.

We take into consideration things like switch placement, outlet placement, HVAC systems, wires required to control each system, touchpanel placement, camera placement, and more importantly, how to connect all these systems.

Prior to pre-wiring your home, ADH starts with a system design. This is not necessarily a complete layout of your final solution, but a good plan for how to accomplish your completed system. This includes security contacts and devices, audio and video zones, smoke detector placement, head-end (wiring closet) location, keypad and touchscreen placement, and much more. Again, the idea behind this document is for us to have a plan of attack to wire your home, and for you to have an idea of how the finished product will lay out.

Once your home is ready to wire, we’ll do a complete walk-through to determine placement of all devices – motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, TVs, speakers, keypads and touchpanels, thermostats, and any other device we interface with. Even down to the switches and outlets, if necessary.

The final stage of your pre-wire is to certify your wiring. This process is simply a test to verify the integrity of your cabling. So why would we need to do this? Unfortunately, in the construction industry, things happen. Lines get cut by sheetrockers, plumbers and pretty much every one else. Painters paint over wires, or boxes get covered when the sheetrock is going up. Certification is just our way of double-checking the integrity of wiring while we still have a little time to fix it, without destroying your walls.

During the pre-wiring process, we create a form called the Wiring Matrix. This matrix is a “map” of your structured wiring system. After we have certified and tested all the wiring in your home, this wiring matrix is finalized with the certifications and digitally archived for later retrieval. With this matrix, we can determine the exact location and purpose for each and every wire in your home.

This document is also printed and a local copy is stored in your structured wiring panel for easy retrieval.