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{3} sheets Restaurant CCTV, Security and Lighting Control System – Atlanta, GA

Elan Home Systems

Elan Home Controller for Security and Lighting Control

Elan Home Systems

Elan Lighting Controls – individual slider dimming controls for each light in the restaurant

Elan Home Systems

Elan Lighting Control – scheduled lighting controls for the restaurant lights

Elan Home Systems

Elan Home Controls – security system controls allow the owner to Arm/Disarm all 3 partitions of the system

3 Sheets consulted with ADH to upgrade their existing CCTV system to a Hi-Definition, remotely-accessible surveillance system. Using various technologies and products, we added several new cameras and 4 new HD DVRs to their system. The result is a 42 camera surveillance system that covers everything from the front door to the kitchen and refrigerator to the upstairs deck and even the parking lot. Many of which are in 1080p Hi-Definition video, accessible from the owner’s computer, cell phone, iPad and even an LED TV in his office, or any internet-connected PC. An Elan g! system was also integrated to add security and lighting controls to the restaurant. With Elan g!, the lighting system can now be set on a schedule, as well as being controlled remotely from an iPhone/iPad or any internet-connected PC. The owners can also set the alarm, check status and look up history for arming/disarming events and sensor status.

Systems Installed: 2 – 8-Channel HD-SDI Digital Video Recorders 2 – 16-Channel Digital Video Recorders 14 – 1080p HD-SDI Video Cameras 3 – 12X Optical Zoom Pan/Tilt/Zoom Video Cameras 25 – Indoor/Outdoor Video Cameras 1 – 5×1 HDMI Switcher 1 – HDMI over Cat5 Balun with IR 1 – Elan HC4 Controller 1 – Elan TS7 In-wall Touchscreen 1 – Lutron RadioRa2 Master Controller 10 – Lutron RadioRa2 Lighting control switches 1 – Simply Automated RS232 Lighting interface to integrate with existing UPB lighting Various networking and wireless access devices

CMS Camera system

Camera Management System allows us to view all cameras, even across multiple DVRs and sites

Complete Elan g! Control System with 12 Zones of Audio and Niles In-Ground Subwoofers – Atlanta, GA

This beautiful home in the Winterthur subdivision includes a complete HC Elan g! system, 12 zone of Niles speakers (with one of those zones being the pool deck with 4 rock speaker, 2 all-weather wall speakers and 2 10″ Niles In-Ground Subwoofers), an 8×8 HDMI matrix video switch, Apple TVs, Logitech Squeezebox for Pandora and Rhapsody listening throughout the home, and many more goodies.

Integrated into the Elan g! system is an Ademco 128-zone Security system, Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats, Yale Z-Wave door locks, HAI UPB lighting controls, WirePath 16-Channel CCTV camera system, and 3 LaunchPort iPad charging wall docks.

EnGenius wireless access points were installed to allow control of the Elan g! system from anywhere inside the house, or around the pool deck, including an outdoor wireless access point to extend the Wifi to the river deck.

Almost 7000 Watts of power was driven through 8 different amplifiers to power the 8″ in-ceiling speakers, 4 dual 8″ in-wall subwoofers, 2 in-ground 10″ subwoofers and various other high-quality speakers from Niles. The Logitech Squeezebox delivers music from Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Live365, MOG and several other online services to each and every zone in the home – at the touch of a button.

Controlling the entire system is easily done from one of the many LaunchPort iPad docks with iPads dedicated to Elan g! system control. The Launchport’s magnetic mount and special inductive charging case make it a breeze to go portable.

Systems installed:
– Elan g! HC12 Control System
– (2) Elan M86A 8 source, 6 Zone Audio Controllers
– Niles 8″ In-Ceiling Speakers
– (4) Dual 8″ In-Wall Subwoofers
– (2) Niles 10″ In-Ground Subwoofers
– Niles Outdoor On-Wall Speakers
– Niles Outdoor Rock Speakers
– (5) 12-Channel, 70-Watts per Channel Amplifiers
– (5) 500 Watt Digital Subwoofer Amplifiers
– (3) 3-Channel Crossovers
– 8×8 HDMI Video Matrix
– Logitech Squeezebox Touch with Pandora, Rhapsody, MOG, Live365 and 20 other streaming music sources
– Elan HR2 Handheld Remote Control
– (3) Launchport iPad In-Wall Docks
– (4) Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostats
– (4) Yale Z-Wave Automated Door Locks with Touchscreen
– 16-Channel CCTV Digital Video Recorder with HDMI Output
– (9) 600 TV Line CCTV Cameras
– Honeywell Vista 128BP Security System
– HAI 600W UPB Lighting Controls for CFL/LED Lighting
– (4) EnGenius In-Ceiling Wireless Access Points
– EnGenius Outdoor Wireless Access Point
– (2) Omnimount 42 Space A/V Racks
– (2) APC 1500VA Battery Backups

Basement Remodel, Home Theater and Home Network – Snellville, GA

This Snellville home was undergoing a complete basement remodel when we were contacted to help finish the Home Theater and setup a small network for the owner’s home-based business.

A Mitsubishi 1080p projector shines beautifully on the 92″ theater screen. Mordaunt-Short towers and Surround Sound speakers are driven by the Denon 7.1 receiver. All being controlled by the URC MX880 PC-programmed remote control, wirelessly with an RF base station from URC (so all of the equipment can be tucked away nice and neat in the nearby cabinet, with no exposed wiring or LEDs).

The network and VoIP phone system were expanded to include stronger WiFi and Wireless N coverage to ensure good coverage.

Systems installed:
– Denon AVR 7.1 Surround Sound Processor
– Lutron Lighting Controls
– Mitsubishi 1080p LCD Projector
– 92″ Theater Screen
– URC MX880 1-Touch RF Remote Control
– Mordaunt-Short Tower Speakers and Center Channel
– Dual 4″ Dipole Surround Sound Speakers
– 6 1/2″ Angled In-ceiling Speakers
– Blu-Ray Player with DVD upconversion
– Netgear Wireless N Routers and Access Points

Basement Remodel, Home Theater and Audio System – Mount Paran, Atlanta, GA

This home was being remodeled by Heartwood Properties, including a complete basement renovation and new Home Theater. Carl at Heartwood contacted us to help with the Home Theater installation, as well as to update the installed whole house audio system and security system.

With a quick upgrade to an Elan g! system and Russound audio system, the homeowner had access to AM/FM radio, XM radio, online streaming sources, and their own locally hosted MP3 collection – right from the Elan TS7 touchpanel and iDevices. In addition, a Russound BGK1 iPod dock was installed to allow access to the family’s iPods and iTunes collections.

Lastly, a Mitsubishi 1080p projector-driven Home Theater was installed, complete with 120″ Acoustiweave screen (sound passes through the screen, so speakers can be installed hidden behind the screen), MX980 PC-programmed RF remote control, in-wall dual 8″ subwoofers, and Lutron lighting controls.

Systems to be installed:
– Russound Whole-House Audio System
– Russound BGK1 iPod Dock
– Russound AM/FM/XM Tuners
– Philips Pronto TSU9600 Remotes
– Denon AVR 7.1 Surround Sound Processor
– Lutron Lighting Controls
– Mitsubishi 1080p LCD Projector
– 120″ Acoustiweave Theater Screen
– Dual 8″ In-wall subwoofers
– Dual 4″ Dipole Surround Sound Speakers
– Blu-Ray Player with DVD upconversion

Home Theater in Sugarloaf Country Club

A beautiful 7.1 Home Theater system with RF controlled remote, Denon receiver and lighting controls – all from a URC 1-touch remote.

Systems Installed:
– Sharp 1080p DLP Projector
– HAI Lighting Controls
– Universal Remote Controls MX-980 Remote Control with RF base station
– Denon 7.1 Surround Sound Processor
– Proficient Audio In-wall and In-Ceiling Home Theater Speakers
– BTX Curtain Controls
– Sony Blu-Ray Player
– 110″ High Contrast Projection Screen
– 12-person Home Theater Seating
– Sound-controlled Door Trims and Seals